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Austria is a small German speaking country located in central Europe. It comes from the German word Österreich which means Eastern Empire. Austria is one of the smallest countries in the European Union and is about the size of Maine covering almost 37,367 square miles. Its landscape includes Giant mountains, clear lakes and green valleys. Austria is covered mostly by the Austrian Alps and forests; 75% is covered by the snow-capped Alps and 40% is covered by forests. The Danube is the main river that passes through upper and lower Austria. Austria is also known worldwide for its music, architecture and skiing. Austria is a landlocked country surrounded by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. As stated before, the main geological features of Austria are the Alps and the Danube River. The average temperature is 72℉ in the summer, 36℉ in the winter, and 52℉ in the spring and fall. Austria gets the least amount of rain in all of Europe with less than 31.5 inches annually. The geography affects the food and crops raised because, being a landlocked country fishing is not…show more content…
For breakfast, coffee, sausage, fresh bread, with jam/marmalade is a typical meal. Lunch is usually the main meal of the day consisting of either soup, meat(beef or pork) with potatoes or pasta, vegetables, salad, and a homemade pastry. Around three o’clock, many people go to a local café for an afternoon coffee with either a sandwich or pastry. For Abendesses, or dinner, cold cuts, eggs, cheese, rye, and other breads are served. meals are eaten with plates and silverware around a table. There are many eating traditions in Austria such as keeping hands above the table, no gestures with utensils, no elbows on the table, wait to eat until everyone is seated, eat with a fork in left hand and knife in right hand, and restaurants always serve mineral

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