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At first glance, it seems easy to be considered as a film auteur director but sadly it is not as easy as it seem. Auteur theory may be deceptively simply with a basic premise who’s the movie director in some circumstances. Not every director who produced film or countless films can be assigned with the title of ‘Author’. Ironically, only the director who owns a strong unique personality that who tend to imposes his own personal or favorite personality into the film can be easily given in the title as the ‘Film Auteur Director’ whereas for the weaker directors who might tend to allow other personalities to run and take over the film’s uniqueness. To be able successfully consider as an auteur, the director itself must produce several unique films…show more content…
They turned their once unforgettable experience into a theme for their signature film. Back on Almodovar, he was once abused by his priest’s teacher which had resulted in making him losing faith and begin not ceased to condemn the church anymore. But in the end of the day through several hard works and efforts, it brought him back on the track and invented for himself the three great themes which is the ‘legacy of Catholicism’ due to childhood abusive relation with the priest’s teacher, Female Solidarity and the wilder shores of sex that the greatest thing he had ever invented in his film. Due to his unpleasant experience in the Catholic boarding school, He then spent 10years writing the script for ‘Bad Education 2004’ where this film totally based and reflects upon a short story when he was an adolescent in the Catholic boarding school. He wrote script that based on his own experiences rather than creating fiction story that never happened which make him outstanding back then in the film…show more content…
Mise-en-scene is often cited as one of the most important indicator in a film of the director’s personality. It is the way how the director control and create his individuality into his own film through expressive cutting skills, camera movements, slow or face pacing, the direction of the characters and their placement in the film and decorations, the angle and distance of the camera, and even the content of the shot. Nowadays audience would observe and detect the mise-en-scene of the film as a way to determine or indicate whether the film is directed by the same particular person. On the other hand, Almodovar film’s normally can be spotted easily for its striking mise-en-scene, its bold attractive colors and glossy decorations. He also sometimes may uses unusual and shaky camera angles, specially costumed made outfits and his prevalent uses of LGBT themes in the film. He tends to explore the boundaries of sexuality and sexual chemistry between different kinds of people and imposes in his film. Just as all the auteur directors such as “Alfred Hitchcock”, “Tim Burton” and “Penelope Cruz”, the most important factor that indicates Pedro Almodovar is worth the titled of “auteur” is that Almodovar uses certain actors and actress repeatedly in his films and these actor often helped him to mark his film as an original creator of the theme. All of the above that I mentioned can be easily seen

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