Authentic Leadership Assignment

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Throughout this assignment our group displayed many different types of leadership styles and approaches. The most members of our group each took a different type of leadership and they used it to make our group work better to get the task completed. Myles used the authentic style of leadership; Anya affectively applied situational leadership to the project; Timothy utilized team leadership; Izy used the trait approach to leadership; and Tyler applied servant leadership. Myles applied Authentic Leadership when it came to this project because he had a very deep understanding of the project and led the group with that type of dictation. Myles had very good understanding of all three viewpoints of authentic leadership (intrapersonal, developmental, and interpersonal). Myles used the intrapersonal approach because since he is not the best at writing scripts he was out of that loop; he also made the slideshow template that was used for the presentation. Myles also showed the developmental approach because he
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Timothy understood that the groups assigned for these projects were small task groups that all members have a common goal, each member should have an interdepent role on the team and since Dean Jefferson stated: that she chose the groups because everyone brought a specific set of skills for their group. Tim effectively used team leadership. Tim had a clear direction for the group: getting the project done in a timely fashion. Tim enabled structure in the group by setting times for the group to meet. He also showed enabling context by showing what would be a good example for the skit. Tim also created a collaborative environment, when we would meet Tim would always listen to all thoughts for the project. Tim effectively used team leadership when it came to this
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