Authenticity Of Information Essay

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Protect the authenticity of information. “O believers, if an evildoer comes to you with some news, verify it (investigate to ascertain the truth), lest you should harm others unwittingly and then regret what you have done.” (Al-Hujurat: 6 ) The responsibility for the authenticity of the information is the basic thing that should be emphasized by us as the presenter and receiver of information. Protect and maintain the truth of the information is like delivered the information to correct person, at the right place and on the right time. As we know, if we mastering the information then we can conquer the world later, from that quotes we should understand that how importance the information in our daily life. Actually, when we received any information, we can analyze the truth or the authentic of information based on the source or the first person that delivered it to us, this is because the credibility of the sources or person such as their behavior and characteristics will showed the features if the information should be trusted or not. Sometimes, receiving any information will also encourage us to share it to other person, either through verbal communication and non-verbal communication, or shared it through the mass media, hence, we…show more content…
The way of using the information is influenced by the behavior and the necessity of someone, and some of them use the information for their own necessity but it gives a bad impact to others. The misuse of information become worse when everything can be learned by one click through the internet, a simple example is, most people was using YouTube website as a medium to learn a skill like making a cake, make a souvenir, and not only that, there were also those who use it just to fulfill their necessity but it harm others such as learn how to hacked their neighbors Wi-Fi
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