Essay On Authoritarian Leadership

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Assignment 4 Authority

This style of authority has known rules and regulations. Everyone must follow without question. There is low charisma with the leader. There is a bigger chance of corruption with this type of authority. This type of leader rarely let’s others make decisions on his/her behalf. They also feel that they are the most qualified and experienced. The biggest weakness of authoritarian is not seeing potential skills and abilities within other people. The biggest strength of this style is to give action when it is needed.
Chief Constable in the police force has the highest rank in all territorial police forces in the United Kingdom except the Metropolitan Police. The leader has the role to investigate or ask for an investigation into crimes and individuals. The chief constable uses authoritarian leadership style. This ensures that all police officers are following strict rules. These types of leaders make sure to only create a distinct professional relationship. The authoritarian leadership is most appropriate with the chief constable because it ensures no one gets involved with the final decisions. If the chief constable asked every single member of staff or officer then time would be wasted. This can give members of the police force more time
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They think knowledge equals power. He/she makes all the decisions and ignore any advice given. Disobedience results in people being severely disciplined. This includes death. The only person that knows the rules is the leader. Many people who are following the dictator don’t have any humanitarian rights. Firmly believe in no mistakes. Mistakes usually result in dismissal or some other form of punishment for the individual. This type of authority can work well when a group has gotten out of control and is making little or no effort to actually work. The dictator is most likely to be hated by his/her
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