Authoritarian Parenting Style

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Whether parenting style affecting children’s development has aroused a widespread discussion in society many years. In Hong Kong, the style is closer to authoritarian parenting in most of the family, a similar situation happened in other Asian countries such as China, Japan, and Singapore. The rationale behind this phenomenon are the traditional values and past experiences of parents. Most parents are trying to apply the same approach that they have faced before and also they are aiming at letting their children comply with them completely. Although authoritarian parenting might have its logic to a certain extent, this essay argues that authoritative parenting would be a better choice instead of authoritarian parenting in that allowing involvement…show more content…
To start with, it is harmful to self-esteem and academic achievement of children. A severe and demanding parenting would result in parental pressure, children often feel despairing (Masayo, Ayuko, Keiichiro,Toshinori 2013 ; Shek 1999). Since children lack the personal experience, they are difficult to find a method to express feeling and notion. It might finally give rise to the psychological problem that does harm to their mental health development. In addition, it might cause deterioration in the family relationship. When parents are in complete control over the daily life of their children, they would cause resentment towards their parents. Family conflicts would eventually exist and children might become more rebellious which is contrary to the original objectives of applying authoritarian parenting. Therefore, it suggests that this parenting style is not effective and authoritative parenting would be a great substitute to replace…show more content…
Even though children are still expected to follow certain rules, they are allowed to have their right that involving in the setting of the rules. As Baumrind (1971) stated that authoritative parents are frequently encouraging verbal give- and- take, and sharing with the child the reasoning behind their rules and policies. Thus, parents would respect children’s feelings and they often make the rules clear by describing it in more detail or even revealing relevant facts to support their stance. Also, parents are willing to use a reward system or praise to reinforce children’s good behaviors or
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