Authoritarian Parenting Style In The Film Fences

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Fences is a good film/play of the authoritarian parenting style (pg. 31-32). Authoritarian parenting style is very common in African American family culture although many didn’t consider it to have positive outcomes for children. Troy’s father believed in disciplinary practices are hierarchical, and use forceful and harsh means to make Troy do what he wanted him to do. He also believed in corporal punishment and sometimes would shame him into compliance. Due to the abuse and mistreatment that Troy received from his father and the disappointment of never getting a chance to play in the Major Baseball League because he was a black man, lead to the him carrying around anger and bitterness. Troy move away from his father, he could no longer…show more content…
This was totally different from what Troy had in mind of Cory becoming as an adult. He was teaching Corey go to work every day and work hard with his hands but Corey knew that through education that he could do and be so much more. Corey went on to become and accomplish more than his father ever would dream. Corey received a call while on duty, 7 years later that his dad had a heart attack and dead, so he came home for the funeral. Once home he decided not to attend because of the distant relationship between him and his father. Rosa lets Cory know that not attending Troy’s funeral does not make him a man or solve anything. Cory and his sister Raynell started thinking about the good things and lessons that their dad did teach them even though he had a weird way of doing because of his past hurts and disappointments but meant well. Cory was going through the reconnecting phrase (p.276), which is the more realistic perception of the parent, typically accompanied by a greater appreciation of the parent as an individual. Cory is now realizing how his dad just wanted the best for him and was trying to shield him from many life disappointments also make sure if it did happen that he was tough enough and prepared as a man. Cory had a new found appreciation for his father from that day
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