Authoritarian Parenting Styles In Child Development

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As a child growing up in an Asian household, I quickly became aware of how different my parents’ style of teaching was when compared to my other friends in elementary school. I remember feeling very surprised to hear how lenient most of my friend’s families were. I could never dream of even asking my parents at that age if I was allowed to stay over at a friend’s house. Everything, for me, revolved around doing chores and getting good grades. It was also strange for me to see how close and warm my friends’ families were together; where there were dedicated nights for board games or nights where they would watch TV together. Those activities were never present in my house, but I never questioned it. I always assumed that my parents knew exactly…show more content…
This type of teaching focuses on strictness and blind obedience. If the child fails to fulfill what is asked of them, it will result in physical or mental punishment. At first glance, some people would be inclined to believe that children raised with this type of style should be expected to grow up with very few behavioral problems. However, the studies reveal that this is not the case. In fact, children raised under this parenting style grow up with many more problems such as low self-esteem, getting involved with bullying as a victim or perpetrator, become less resourceful, develop a greater risk of anxiety, and develop lower social skills. It also undoes the primary purpose of this style of teaching in that it decreases the kid’s effectiveness in learning, resulting in poorer academic…show more content…
Back then when I was little, Aaron, as an adolescent, always acted with a professional manner, while his parents continuously bragged about his academic achievements. I always thought that it made sense for someone like him to be well rounded at such a young age, since I knew how over the top his parents can be about school. They were those types of parents with the “because I said so” attitude, enforcing their rules through yelling and physical punishment. You could imagine everybody’s surprise when we found out that he ended up piercing his ears and later on getting a tattoo without his parent’s permission. The once courteous young man became involved in many different rebellious activities until one day later on he ran out of money to continue to live in his apartment. He ended up begging his parents for him to move back in and they flatly told him no. It pains me to see that his little brother, who is my age, is similar, but has found better ways of eluding his parents and conjuring

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