Authoritative Parenting

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Authoritative parenting is a kind of psychological and behavioral control from parents to their children in order to exploit the harsh teaching method for boosting their children abilities (Gray & Steinberg, 1999:) The children’s growth are complex and this essay will mainly focus on children discipline, ability and the relationship between children and parents.
It is understandable that Asian parents desire to educate the better children and believe a Chinese idiom says ‘spare the rod, spoil the children’. Therefore, some of them may exploit the authoritative parenting to force their children to get the better achievement; yet, there is a heated debate that whether strict parenting can be the best way to teach the developing children.
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However, the results show that exploiting strict parenting to regulate the children’s behavior without reasoning cannot take any advantages since the children’s resistance was ignored. The children’s resistance is abstracted from the concept of student’s resistance, which indicates that they reject the cultural domination showing by their academic achievement and therefore the alienation from school was contributed. (Alpert,1991)It is reason by the value of themselves was despised by the school. They thought that they are less worth than others. (Alpert,1991) In the equivalent situation, while the children were valued as same as garbage during the time they cannot acquire an A, the parents may show their family cultural domination-academic is important and the one cannot achieve the aim will be punished- to their children directly or indirectly and thus they may attempt to resist this disadvantaged situation by misbehavior. According to Rolf Loeber and Magda Stouthamer-Loeber, the professor and associate professor of psychology in University of Pittsburgh, they investigated that authoritative parenting is a frequent but ineffective method using by the parents, who usually impose physical punishment for disciplining. In the consequence, the children’s delinquency will escalate by becoming much more outright or…show more content…
Furthermore, the parent-child relationship was ruined. The real and good parenting is to support their children learning through mistakes. The caring and warmth from parents always take as strong power to the children. The concept was highly highlighted: The children will not follow the parents forever. The only way for them to realize the world thoroughly is not minimize their world, is to let them learn to fly like a bird, to spread their wings and soar, to broaden their horizons for
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