Authoritative Parenting Styles Essay

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The authoritative parenting style, the better child development?

‘Parenting styles have consistently been shown to relate to various outcomes such as youth psychopathology, behavior problems, and academic performance’(E.,M.& R., 2009). Many people comment there is a close relationship between the parenting style and child personal behaviour. Parents are always our life coach. Especially for a primary school-age child, people always claim that parents are the role model of their kids. How parents treat them, how their kids behave. By learning unit 5, I better understand the concepts about parenting styles and how are they connecting to child development. It makes me start to recall my memories that how my parents taught me when I was young.

By staying with my parents in these eighteen years time, I aware that they treat me a bit authoritative. They allow me to have my own room to explore myself but they still care about my behaviours at school or home. Once I did something excellent like getting a satisfied result in exam, they would praise me or even bought me a present. Instead, I would be blamed or punished by them if I did something wrong such as being impolite to relatives.

A few years ago. To prepare my secondary life, my mum started to emphasize my academic result and learning. I was
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‘Good parenting is authoritative in which parents keep eyes on their children and try to understand the mindset of their children.’(Sarwar, 2016) Somebody comment authoritative style is utility, but under psychology sense it provides a mutual communication to the kids. In conclusion, there is still room for discussion on how parenting style affect children and what is the effectiveness in teaching

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