Authoritative Parenting Styles

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Introduction Parenting had contain the meaning of parents who are willing to engage and participate in their children daily life activities (The Future of Children 2013). Parenting is very important to raise up a child, poor parenting may endanger the child but the good parenting may probably benefits the child. According to a study that did by Joseph 2007 (cited in Live strong 2013), he stated that children who raised up by parents who with poor parenting, children will probably behave inappropriately such as, anti-social, aggression, depression and have the difficulty to cope with their emotional. There are two parenting styles that are commonly used by the parents, which is authoritative and authoritarian parenting styles. However in a review…show more content…
2013) has identified three different types pf parenting styles which are authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting and permissive parenting. There are a lot of studies that different researchers have done and they came out with the same explanation for authoritative, authoritarian and permissive parenting, one of the studies done by Nisha (2014) has defined all the three difference parenting styles. Authoritative parenting is parents who are having the responsiveness and demandingness at the same time. Although they set limit and boundaries to their child but they still provide love and warmth. Authoritative parents are willing to discuss their child’s mistakes with him/her, accept their child’s point of views and encourage them to make their own decision. The definition of authoritarian parenting which refer to the parents who always set high demand to their child and unresponsive. They are having the low interaction with their child and expect their child to follow what they exactly demand them to do without any questioning. Their child will probably receive the punishment if they fail to obey their instructions. Their child’s self- expression and independence are totally restrain by their parents. Permissive parenting is refer to the parents who set no limits, demands and expectation unless the things may harm their child. Their child is totally freedom to do what they want and free to make their choices. Although there are three different parenting styles, but many research and studies had been focusing more on the authoritative and authoritarian parenting styles, they do not mentioned much about the permissive parenting styles. It is clearly seems that authoritative and authoritarian parenting styles are more commonly used by the parents. Based on these two different parenting styles (authoritative and authoritarian), a lot of researcher did many

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