Authority And Authority In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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What would you do if you were stranded on an isolated island with just your friends.That was what William Golding created with his book the Lord of the Flies. He made a scenario where a group of schoolboys are stranded on a deserted island with only themselves. With this story William Golding proves that isolation from rules,responsibility,and authority from civilization will change man into animals. Without rules the boys will change their morals for the worst. The boys didn’t regulate that each one of them have equal rights like what civilization offers to humankind. The boys didn’t regulate this rule because they saw each other with different standing of power. Without that thought in their mind the boys mistreated each other. Just as…show more content…
When the boys had ralph as leader he wasn’t in control of the situation at hand. Ralph wasn’t a strong persuasive leader so the boys didn’t see him as a person to go too ,but as someone who is just barking orders. This just made the boys break rules ,and put themselves in danger. While jack was leader he wanted to kill ralph for being against him then the boys listened because he wasn’t persuasive but was a dictator. He abused his power as leader of the island.Jack wasn’t persuasive but was a power thirsting leader who acted for himself. Both Ralph ,and Jack had problems with their leadership skills ,because one leader didn’t have good enough reason to create rules.While the other leader was a dictator who abused his power over the island for his own goals. The boys on the island had no proper leader to trust. Without a strong leader it didn’t help the boy differentiate what was right ,and wrong. The boys had no leader that was able to control the boys and himself .This made the boys into savages because they didn’t know what was right or wrong with there decision. Without a leader to help them do the right thing it made the boys out of
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