Authority And Leadership In The Lord Of The Flies

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The authority and leadership of the ‘Lord of the Flies’ ' is one of the important themes. This power relation is divided into a symbol in the novel which is a dictatorial system with Jack as the leader, a democratic system with Ralph as the leader. Boys are in a shocking situation without any other choice. In the island, the boys themselves established their own new system and created society. There is no adult who precedes the role of authority, so the children resume power and assume roles. With this authority, the boys lose their innocence and become violent. It is the purpose of this essay to examine the various types of symbols used in novels and to show how they are tied to social power relations. If an airplane falls on an abandoned island without civilization, everyone can suffer injury especially children. First of all, if there are children without adults, many boys are embarrassed to do not know what to do. With these traumas on, boys learn to grow very quickly. Many innocent boys behave more violently because they are simply lost because they simply do not know the behavior of adults. They see violence as fun. Normally, adults will lead the role of authority and lead the children to stabilize their life on the island. But on this island where there are no adults, children begin to make their own society. At first, Ralph finds the 'conch ' and uses it to gather the children on one side of the island. Then, after opening the meeting, everyone started to talk
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