Authority Figures

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The salem witch trials and LGBT marriage rights are situations that have drastically inclined because they were negatively impacted by authority figures irrational fears or personal integrity. both of these situations are good examples to demonstrate how authority figures irrational fears or personal integrity can cause hysteria to grow among populations. In each case, a primary cause of the hysteria was because of the misuse of power that authority figures have. The reason Authority figures misuse of power was an issue with because since this is something you can 't really you can 't prove in anyway and they didn 't know back then much around the topic of science it was easy for them to be scared and gullible and and gullibility…show more content…
In the Salem witch trials thing there was a lot of irrational fears. The reason why they have these fears is because they don 't know much about how the world works yet no matter if it was how we work or how ecosystems work or how medicine work or how the earth works. Hey the people in Salem were was a community of people that build their community off of the Bible. they didn 't have there any of their ideas built of of science and logic so when which was bought brought up Salem immediately the one thing that they have known OB/GYN for all their life. Because it 's all being known they think that the behavior of a person that was in the slightest bit of difference from the rest of the community with bad was not natural and so again they jumped to conclusions and immediately go after what they think would be the safest solution for them and their families. Even just logistically going about this situation would have been a better ulterior because they didn 't consider the fact that they 've known these people . All their lives of young girls say. Even today in less dramatic and drastic ways the LGBT community are facing treatment like this since people are scared because they think they 're going to be punished because other people around them have done something that is against the rules of what they believe in and what they don 't know. Looking at how rational fears are a cause of we can see that there is a develop pattern and primary cause of a hysteria because fear fed directing authority figures to misuse your power in fear of the unknown is exactly what comes from what builds irrational fears and we are able to see that we will believe anything when we are scared and we go for that
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