Author's Autopsy Report: Who Is To Blame?

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On October 13th at approximately 1:15 Author was found dead at the home of the Volupides. At the time that this occurred the only other person at the home was his wife Queenie. Queenie’s neighbors claim that they saw her run out of the house after a fight with her husband and speed away quickly in her car. Next I interviewed Queenie she claimed after fighting with Author she went off to a party at their country club to celebrate their new golfing range. She said she invited some friends over afterwards for one last drink before they called it a night. She left a little bit earlier so she could meet her friends at the door. When she got home she found Author dead, met her friends at the door claiming that something terrible had happened. Author slipped coming down the stairs for another drink. The glass was still in his hand and she believed that he was dead. The Evidence shows that he was murdered and i believe Queenie is to blame. Evidence and Conclusion 1 The glass was still in his hand. 1- Typically when a person dies or passes out they go limp, his hand was still around the glass which should have been broken or rolled away. 2- When falling you would usually try to catch yourself, he most likely would’ve dropped the glass in order to keep himself from falling. 3-…show more content…
Queenie could have used it as a weapon because they had been in a fight earlier and she was still fumed.2- When he fell you notice there’s no blood on the floor and no bruises or anything else on his head.If falling if you did manage to hit your head hard enough to kill you, there would be at least a small amount of blood or some more bruises or scratches on his head or body. Conclusion: Queenie killed Author with the frying pan and then used it to cook snacks for her friends to burn the DNA off the area she hit him
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