Autism Classroom Observation Report Sample

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I have completed my project of observes/participate in 15 hours and 12 minutes at Arts’ N Autism. Arts’ N Autism practicum setting of the sprout room is a room upstairs in the center ages from 4 to 8 who are after school children with Autism. The sprout room is big enough for all seven of the children. Each child has a basket holder located on the right side of the classroom from their personal items such as their pants, pull-ups, and toys. There are two computers located on the classroom desk. The first computer is for the teacher’s purpose only, but the second computer is used for the children doing sensory play. Sensory play is when the children free play with different activities. For example, some children 's choice to sit around the table…show more content…
There is one main teacher of the Sprouts Classroom name Mrs. Lauren. There are five assistants helpers: Alex, Wiggins, Wes, Shanika, and Colleen that comes into the classroom to help the teacher with her children. Once the students enter the classroom, the teacher starts the music to begin class. When the children want to choose an activity that is best for them the teacher allows them to. For example, Duncan wanted to hold this book while he was dancing to the music so Mrs. Lauren allowed him to do. The teacher reacts with the children to keep them interested and moving. Some of the time the children just likes to sit in the teacher 's lap and not get involved with the other children. One day, Mrs. Lauren sat on the rug during sensory play and two of the children wanted to sit in her lap while the other children wanted to play. Sometimes the children seem to get out of control. Mrs. Lauren always makes sure that she handles the children with love and care. A little boy named Barley always wants to climb the windows. Mrs. Lauren takes him down from the windows and they went to sit on the rug. While sitting on the rug Mrs. Lauren held Barley and coped him saying that “We do not climb windows because we can fall and hurt ourselves.” She copes with each other of the children. One day, another little boy did not want to go the restroom so she talked with him saying “It is time to go the restroom but the little boy did not want to

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