Autism Informative Speech Outline

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A. Speech therapies and social skill training can allow individuals with Autism to manage the degree the effects of Autism has on them.
1. Teaching young toddlers basic skills like attention and perception can also help diminish the extent to which autism effects an individual because the brain is most subject to change before the age of four.
2. Individuals with Autism can also benefit from learning how to cope with their anxiety, the younger the diagnosis the better the outcome of the therapies.
B. No medications have been discovered today that completely erase the behaviors associated with Autism or help improve the lack of communication skills.
1. There are a few antipsychotic drugs that have helped reduce the repetitive behaviors in
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Let me end by leaving you with a few points for you to take away from the information I have shared with you today about Autism.
II. Sometimes Autism can go unnoticed in our daily lives, but knowing the signs can help us to identify someone with Autism and be more understanding if they don’t look us in the eye when talking or if they do the same thing over and over again. Knowing the causes of Autism gives each of us the opportunity to step in and take the precautions that decrease the chances of Autism occurring. The biggest thing you can do to assist someone with Autism as far as treatment is to help them cope with the changes around them and understand that nothing can hold them back but themselves.
III. If you do meet someone with Autism or already have, I ask that you just remember to be patient with them. Sometimes it can be hard to remain patient and calm, when an individual with Autism does something that we may not do ourselves. Like triple checking homework or putting something away only to take it back out four more times. To us, these repetitive behaviors may seem like a waste of time or irrational but to someone with Autism this is a normal activity, and a way for them to cope with their constant anxiety. They truly have the biggest hearts and always mean well even if their actions don’t always reflect that. Many people can be hesitant to interact with someone who has disabilities largely because they are unfamiliar with how to respond but if you
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