Parent Child Interaction Therapy Essay

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Autism Spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder which includes three main features problem with socialization, problem with communication, repetitive and inflexible behaviour. A child with autism spectrum disorder use non speech behaviours and they have difficulty to make eye contact, facial expression. The peer group interaction of an autistic child is far behind a normal child. They may not respond, when other people try to get their attention. These all features make barriers in the child ability to take part in socialization.
Many studies have been conducted about the autism spectrum disorder, its characteristics and different treatment. Autism Spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder which mainly affects
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Hembree-kigin and Cheryl Bodiford McNeil (1995) describe the importance of PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy). It is a therapy which developed for families with young children who have behavioural problem. Dr. Constance Hanf developed a two-stage operant model in which mothers were taught to give their attention to their child positive behaviour and to ignore negative behaviour and parents have to give clear direction and reward compliance with praise. The influence of parents in the development stage of children is enormous.

M.Mary KonstAntareas, Soula Homatidisin (1988) explained about a study conducted among the family of children with autism spectrum disorder. Approximately in 50 families mothers of children with this disorder are over involved than fathers and it was found that mothers have better awareness than fathers of the child’s strength and weakness. The study found that mother’s protect the husband from caretaking task of child with autism spectrum disorder even if the father’s do come.

A paper written by Robin L. Gabriels (2007) focus on the features of autism spectrum disorder and the challenges faced by clinicians working with this population and also discussed about the psychiatric symptoms of autism spectrum
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