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Now that spring is on its way, animals are becoming more and more active, meaning they are more likely than ever to end up in front of you when driving down the highway. There are more than one million collisions with deer nationwide, accounting for four billion dollars in damage for auto body repair. While Able Body Shop is more than able to assist you with animal collision repair, they would prefer you and your car stayed safe and avoided any auto body work with some helpful tips.

Below, the collision repair experts share five tips to help you avoid accidents with deer:

Group Traveling: With animals like deer, it 's important to note that if you see one animal, there are most likely more coming. Deer travel in groups, so while you may brake and avoid one deer, another one may spring up in front of you in a few moments.
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If the deer are frozen in your headlights, honk your horn. This will startle them out of their panic and send them back to the woods.
Timing: Most animal collisions occur between the hours of dusk and dawn. This is when many animals are most active; you should take extra caution when driving at these times.
Signs: Be extra vigilant if you observe animal crossing signs. These are placed in areas prone to animal collisions.
Environment: Don 't let your guard down in urban areas. Many animals, deer included, can easily adapt to living around humans, and collisions in these areas are quite common.
Of course, you can drive as safely as possible and accidents can still happen. Able Body Shop has been operating since 1976 and has worked hard to become the premier paint and body shop in the Kalispell area. They 've kept up with the times, applying the latest techniques to vehicle repair and priding themselves on using materials and technologies that help keep the environment clean. Learn more about their services online, or call them directly at (406)
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