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Shian Williamson Mrs. Vicky Lawrence English IV 8 March 2016 General Auto Mechanics ¨I´ve got a great team of engineers behind this race car. I´ve got a great bunch of mechanics that make it reliable. This car is developed to go out there and be better than the Renard, and I feel that it is.” Al Unser demonstrates the importance of auto mechanics and their value to the community. Auto mechanics are a valued profession but there are many seen and unseen hazards that come along with the job. Through examining information available about the hazards of working in the auto mechanic industry, one can summarize that there are obvious hazards of…show more content…
Physical hazards can come in all shapes and forms ranging from strains from lifting to many other things. There are many possible physical hazards but one of the more likely hazards is accidentally falling into the inspection pit of their garage. Falling into the pit could be caused by a number of things but most often the fall would result from slipping on a substance. According to LawyerNC, falling is a common hazard: ¨Mechanics work in a hazardous environment. Every day, they risk injury from falling...¨ The International Hazard Datasheets on Occupation also lists falling into an inspection pit as something mechanic 's face: Automobile mechanics usually work in service garages where they may fall from ladders stairs or elevated platforms, fall into inspection pits, trip or fall on wet, slippery or greasy floors.¨ Another physical hazard of being in the profession of auto mechanic is handling heavy equipment. Lifting heavy equipment could lead to physical injury in many ways. For example, an auto mechanic could pull a muscle or hurt their back by repeatedly lifting heavy objects in the garage. According to LawyerNC, injuries from heavy lifting are all too common: Other common injuries to mechanics…show more content…
These injuries could be career ending if one is not careful of how they lift the equipment. A mechanic should be in good shape and be sure to lift heavy objects properly. According to the International Hazard Datasheets on Occupation, automobile mechanic “often handle heavy vehicle parts and work in awkward postures which may lead to trauma such as disk rupture or hernia and disabling back pains.¨ Great care should be taken by those in mechanic’s shops when approaching lifting heavy objects and following protocol that is put in place for safety reasons is a must. A third physical hazard a mechanic must consider is electrocution from auto defects. Often the electrical system in an automobile can short out due to a defect from the manufacturer and cause the mechanic to receive electrical shock. There is also shock risk to mechanics from touching a live wire with a tool. All of these physical hazards should be considered before one decides on choosing auto mechanics as a career. Also among the risks to auto mechanics is the possibility of chemical hazards on the job. There are a large amount of possible chemical hazards to consider. For example, skin

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