Autobiography: My Life In Indonesia

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Ancestry It all started with my paternal grandfather’s grandparents. They were simple farmers who escaped from Fujian, China to Singapore due to the imperialism war as well as poverty (Asia for Educators, Columbia University, 2009). Afterwards, they moved around in Java where they finally settled in Jambi, Indonesia, the place where my grandfather and my father were born. Within my father’s side of the family, we have a descendant called Peranakan (Chen, 2011). My father’s mother as well as his grandmother were called Nyonya, where they would have their hair tied in a bun and wear the Indonesian traditional outfit called Kebaya.
As for my mother’s side, her grandparents, who were fully Cantonese, were born in Guangdong, China and moved to Medan, Indonesia with my maternal grandparents before the (APSN, n.a.) second world war. Afterwards, they moved from Medan and reside in Jakarta, Indonesia, the city where both my mother and I were born.
There are three cultures that I was introduced to since I was a child. Those were Indonesian, Chinese and also German. Since I was born and raised in Indonesia, I was exposed to Indonesian culture through my schools and daily lifestyle. Living in Indonesia has been quite unpredictable since the country itself was not stable. When I was born, it was in the midst of the great riots against the dictatorship of the Indonesian government (APSN, n.a.). The aftermath is still lingering but decreases as time passes by. However, living

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