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Autobiography I was born in winter and was raised by my grandparents---my father’s parents, during some time of my childhood. They are farmers, so they need take care of crops every day. In order to make a living, they locked me in the room, always leaving me alone, because in this way could they be concentrated on laboring. Maybe because of this, I am quite a self-contemptuous girl. My parents have worked in Chengdu since I was 8 years old, while I lived in Mianyang---my hometown. I had some happy time living with my grandparents, whom I refer to my mother’s parents. However, there were two sad but meaningful things during this period that I still remember today. Maybe you do not know this phenomenon which is common in poor countryside. Long hair can be sold for money, but the buyer just cut the hair short without consideration. Being short of money, I, as well as my cousin, sold our hairs, leaving it not only short, but also ugly. I felt displeased at the ugly hair. What affected me then was that poverty was terrible. Lacking in money, my grandparents had to do labor in the farmland, and my parents had to work in another city far away from our hometown. As for me, I sold my hair, earning little money. Maybe from then on, I knew that I must study hard so that my family could live a satisfying life. Another thing was the most shameful thing in my whole life. Tempted by my cousin, I stole my grandfather’s money with her. I was also wrong in that I “helped” her instead of
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