Autobiography Of Autobiography

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Autobiography: A story of me and everything that I can be

Its 3:56 in the morning. A couple of hours and the sun will be illuminating parts of the world signaling a new day. While majority of the people is still sleeping soundly in their homes, some people is already awake and preparing for their day. Some people haven’t slept yet like a couple expecting the arrival of their child. September 9, 2000; the day I was born. I am Ma. Xela Bernardino Cagadas and for the 17 years of my life I have live, breathe and sleep in Mandaluyong City. I went to Eulogio Rodriguez Integrated School located in the same City for primary and secondary school which consists of people I know since I was about seven. That’s why I was thrilled to be able to study in PUP and the whole experience was eye-opening and ultimately the reason for what I am today.

My father Alex Cagadas is the inspiration for my name and my mother Agustina Cagadas didn’t like it and added Maria so it wouldn’t look and sound as ugly. Like any other parents is, my mother and father was astounded by my arrival. They are good parents for having the patience of taking care of me and dealing with my stubbornness. For the first few years of my life I was living in the house of my mother’s family. Some of her siblings also lived there with their family and so I have older cousins to play with. Years later and we moved into my father’s home and I have been staying here ever since. All of my father’s siblings lives here with their
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