Autobiography Of Mary Chesnut

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I am Mary Boykin Chesnut. My mom and dad had served as a U.S representative. I had younger brother and two sisters My brother name is Catherina and my sisters names are Sarah, Amelia. You will learn all about me. I was born in March,31 1823 in states burg, south Carolina. I have one brother two sister and I am the oldest one of them all. My father Decatur Miller, a prominent politician who strongly supported states that individual should have supreme powers over the national government to set their own policies, including the power to legalize slavery.I was the oldest child of my mom Mary Boykin Miller, the daughter of wealthy owners When I was twelve, I was sent to Charleston, South Carolina, to attend Madame Talvandes .I went to a French School for Young Ladies.…show more content…
Talvande was among the many French colonial refugees who had settled in Charleston from Saint Domingue after its Revolution. Miller became fluent in French and German, and received a strong education I was thirteen-year-old when I met I future husband James chesnut ,Jr who was eight years her senior. Her parents at first opposed his suit, but at sixteen Mary began to take an interest in the young man. At age seventeen, Miller married Chesnut on April 23, 1840.They first lived with his parents and sisters at Mulberry, their plantation near Camden, South Carolina. His father, James Chesnut, Sr. whom Mary referred to as the old Colonel, had gradually purchased and reunited the land holdings of his father
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