Analysis: The Autobiography Of Miss Jane Pittman

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Gisselle Martinez
Summer Reading Assignment
Book: The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

Many people believe that being an American consists of you being born in the United States of America. With you having the physical appearance of what people assume an American usually looks like. Which is having blonde hair, blue eyes and light or pale skin color. I don’t believe an American has to do with appearances, where you were born, or your ethnic background. It’s if you are willing to do anything for this country. You are given opportunities, given different choices to pick from. It means “to be free”, and America is the “land of freedom.” In the novel “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” written by Ernest J. Gaines many characters
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“I’m much American as any man; I’m more American than most. And what is this American?” This is what an American is, fighting to make the country better, making a difference. After all America, is the land of freedom of speech. Ned gave this speech out of freedom. He stated “Because they didn’t have no such thing as American till we got here. The Indians was the first ones here and they never called themselves Americans. Matter of fact they didn’t even call themselves Indians till Columbus came here and started that.” This states that being called American is a label, a label that Columbus gave them. If it wasn’t for Columbus there wouldn’t be a race named “American”. Then he also stated “America is for all of us.” He opened people eyes. An American wouldn’t tell lies, but open people’s eyes with the truth, and Ned made people realize. If Ned were to give this sermon in front of a lot of people, people of all races and color they would really put things into perspective. In the end of the book, Jane was going to a protest that she very much wanted to go. Jimmy was the One, as they called it in her town. He was building a protest from which he gain inspiration from Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks. In the transition of Jane going to the protest Jimmy was killed. Jane was devastated but it didn’t stop her from making that protest happen. Although she was 110 years old, she still marched and gave the protest Jimmy wanted to give. Being an American means by all means better the country for the greater, Ned and Jane give a perfect example. Although they didn’t go to Washington DC and gave memorizing speeches like MLK, but in their town it was memorizing for them. Being American doesn’t have to do with your skin color or background, it has to do with the actions you
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