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(MIP-1)The character Najmah had developed PTSD from witnessing the most painful thing anybody could witness her mother and brother’s death, her signs and symptoms of PTSD example what millions of people go through. (SIP-A)Najmah had developed many PTSD signs and symptoms which some of which are not speaking, and horrible flashbacks,and triggers.(STEWE-1)With Najmh witnessing that horrible event, Najmah had developed PTSD. Najmah had developed the symptom of not talking “It’s been more than two weeks since I’ve last spoken and I’m not certain I will ever be able to speak again”(Staples,110). Najmah was struggling with PTSD she used not talking as a way she dealt with the loss of her mother and baby brother.(STEWE-2)Another way her mother and…show more content…
Someone will die!’... I 'm shaking in every part of my body… I want to run and hide… Surely now they are shooting the stars from the sky!... I am so frightened and filled with grief that I can hardly breathe"(Staples,224-225). Najmah had a mental PTSd trigger when she saw the meteors, the meteors looked like shooting stars and when Najmah saw the bombs that killed her mother and brother, she compared them to looking like “stars shooting out of the sky”. After Najmah experiencing the bombs and stars shooting out of the sky she had then only experienced bad things with stars shooting out of the sky.When she saw the meteors she thought bad things were going to happen because that’s all she knew of. (STEWE-3) Ever since Njamah had witnessed her mother and brother being killed she had been in shock “She tells Nusrat the entire story in a flat tone with no feelings showing through the simple, horrible words”(Staples,208). Najmah had been in so much shock, she had no expressions or feelings when telling Nusrat the story of her mother and brother because she had been in so much…show more content…
(STEWE-1)One major symptom that Najmah had experienced was not talking, this symptom is very common throughout PTSD patients, “Avoiding situations that remind you of the event. You may try to avoid situations or people that trigger memories of the traumatic event. You may even avoid talking or thinking about the event (NFN). landmine signs of PTSD are very common. As coping with their PTSD they may try to use the method of not speaking, they use this as a way of dealing with their PTSD. (STEWE-2) Mark Evan’s a veteran that served in Afghanistan against the Taliban had also developed PTSD, he shared a common symptom that Najmah had also suffered from, mental triggers. “Loud bangs reminded me of mortars or gunfire and the smell of bitumen reminded me of being blown up by a landmine. Walking past building sites or roadworks, I relived that traumatic experience so vividly it would become a traumatic experience in itself"(Evans). Mark Evans also had been struggling from mental PTSD triggers event the simple smell of bitumen could make him relive the event of him being blown up a landmine. (CS) The character Najmah examples the traits of PTSd that PTSD patients struggle

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