Rosa's Life In Her Autobiography, Rosa Parks

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Rosa Parks was the firstborn child of Leona Edwards and James McCauley. She had a younger brother named Sylvester. In her autobiography, Rosa Parks shares that she grew up in Pine Level, AL in her grandparent’s house (4). Rosa grew up most of her life without her dad in her life. He moved around working in construction jobs and Rosa’s mother did not want to move her family around. As a schoolteacher, Rosa’s mother valued education. She made sacrifices to provide for her children. Rosa spent a majority of her early life being cared for by her grandparents, as her mom lived closer to her job during the week. Rosa grew up in a time when the color of her skin determined the opportunities that she would be given. She could not go to school with white children or even drink from the same water fountain. She grew up hearing stories of how her uncles and grandparents were mistreated. Her grandfather on her mother’s side did not like white people and opposed them openly. He would take a stand against them, if he needed, to protect himself or his family. Her grandmother was more mild and calm. Rosa faced the same struggles as other children growing up at that time, but her family and teachers helped to instill a spirit of strength and truth in how much she mattered as a person. Rosa knew in her heart that it was not fair how blacks were treated and harassed.…show more content…
The black community held her as a hero. She ended up moving to Detroit, Michigan because her brother felt it was unsafe for her to remain in Alabama. She spent most of the rest of her life, living in Detroit. She continued to travel and give speeches throughout her life while she could travel. She also participated in many marches and demonstrations such as the Selma March to Montgomery. She marched on the last day of the Selma March. She lost her husband, brother, and mother to cancer in the
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