Autocratic Leadership: Comparison Of Leadership Style

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Task 2.3 - Comparison of leadership style
Autocratic Leadership
Mr. Worthy
Mr. Worthy would summon a messenger or a secretary from the offices on the second floor and send memo out to one another group of workers. He was always absent and he made decision from above and he always spent time with friends at extended lunches so he is an autocratic leader.
They give strict orders and except people to follow those orders. It is a must to listen to all those orders. They basically do not care about anyone’s feelings all they think is they like what they ae doing or not. Autocratic leaders will treat their employees like slaves and they will not care about the employees input. The advantage of autocratic leadership is your workers will listen to
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The manger will not have to rely for any help from other people to complete their task and they can decide what they want and they do not need to ask others and this will result in reduced stress.
Disadvantages of autocratic leadership
Fewer Personal Rights
• Autocratic leaders tend to assert dominance, commanding rather than discussing with others -- the opposite of democracy. In an autocratic leadership, one person or a small group make all the decisions. When autocratic leaders demand control, sometimes complete control, over others, it is called totalitarianism. When a totalitarian dictator is in charge, people have even fewer rights, as every aspect of life is decided by their ruler. Since autocratic leaders seldom have a committee of authorities designated to ensure fair treatment, abuse of power can be a side effect within autocracies.
Disadvantages: Limited Freedoms and Access to Information
• People living under an autocratic rule do not have the authority to speak out against unfair government laws, and in some cases such acts are punishable by death. So it basically has no freedom no person has any rights to talk anything they do not
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Democratic leadership is showing more care for the opinions of the employees. So employees will be willing to work for the company. Generally children in democratic has lesser output in their work but there is more quality than autocratic leadership. The advantage of democratic leadership is workers will be given a chance to give their input and Ms Hogan will be able to get more ideas. The disadvantage of democratic leadership is in times when Ms Hogan needs to take a decision quickly and she might not have time to ask others input.
• Democratic style of leadership can help with Office politics that can diminish the growth and development of a working environment. Almost all ideas are considered and carefully analysed.
• Communication gap is reduced resulting in less tension between the leader and team. Therefore, fear of rejection and denial decreases. Under autocratic leaders, subordinates would fear due to demands and expectations.
• Although some managers adopt democratic leadership, it is just to please their subordinates but they do not follow the technique fully. Resulting in taking ideas and not implementing them.
• Consulting every single member leads to a longer decision making process. A lot of patience and understanding is required when gathering all the
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