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Automated teller machine (ATM) is an electronic telecommunication device which permitting a Bank’s customers to do certain task include making withdrawal, checking balance and others without the need for bank teller. In fact, the first ATM are called Bankograph and it was installed in Barkleys bank in north London on 27 June 1967. ATM will found in the supermarkets, educational centres such as university, convenience stores and also travel centres such as airport. ATM is one of the facilities that make people happy and convenience to use it. People that run out of money may walk to the ATM and insert their ATM card to access that machine. Moreover, they just need to verify their details include PIN number and may choose what kind of transaction that they want. ATM will give the faster
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Basically, ATMare connect to host computer and host computer is connected to the bank computer (refer to diagram 5). Host computer are being a third party to maintain all their facilities and equipment. In this cases, internet service provider (ISP) is take part in this embedded system because ISP is used by ATM to communicate between host processors. After user input their detail, the information will passed to the host processor by the ATM. After that, the host processor will checks all the user details with authorized bank. If the details are matched, the host processor will accepted and send the confirmation code to ATM then the transaction will successful.
There are two type of type of ATM which is leased-line or dial-up machine.
“The leased line machines connect direct to the host processor through a four wire point to point dedicated telephone line. These types of machines are preferred in place. The operating cost of these machines is very high.”

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