Automatic Response To Eustress

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The body has an automatic response to stress from a perceived threat, whether the threat is mentally or physically. This reaction is called the fight or flight response. The moment our bodies sense the danger, it kicks in. The adrenal glands release adrenaline, causing breathing and heartrate to speed up and blood pressure to rise. Digestion stops and the extra blood flow is redirected towards the muscles to give them the extra energy the body needs as it prepares to either fight or flee. For example, your walking down a dark street alone at night, when a man with a knife runs up and tells you to hand over your wallet. Your body’s fight or flight response kicks in and you have three choices. Give him your wallet, try to fight him off, or flee.…show more content…
An example of a positive/ challenging social stressor would be an upcoming job interview for a job that you had worked really hard to qualify for. Although you are stressed you remain optimistic. Distress is stress that negatively affects you; it threatens your wellbeing and health. Every day at work there are a group of coworkers who hassle you, and no matter how frustrated you are you keep it inside. Until one day your anger gets the best of you and there’s a fight. This would be an example of a negative social

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