Essay On The Future Of Automation In Forensic Pathology

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The Future of Automation in Forensic Pathology Have you ever thought about your career being replaced by robots? No one wants to consider their careers being replaced by the machines, but, it could happen a lot sooner than anyone expected. While the possibility of automated jobs has become a reality for some career fields, there are many fields that have a very low chance of becoming automated, and the forensic field is one such field. Automation could potentially increase productivity, effectiveness, and just the overall progress of the career. While some people believe that the automation of the forensic field will be a terrible mistake, Anna MacDonald, author of “The Role of AI in Pathology”, believes that it could be a good thing for the field. MacDonald states,
Once in the “digital realm” where pathologists are dealing with pixels
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According to Harold Stark, author of “Prepare Yourselves, Robots Will Soon Replace Doctors in Healthcare”, there is a new robot that can assist with minimally invasive surgery which is a huge improvement for the machines. Stark states, “The kind of surgery these robots are most widely used for is called minimally invasive surgery, where, instead of making large incisions, robotic arms are used to perform miniaturized cuts that are no more than a quarter-inch long. At its current stage, these robots aren’t completely sentient and cannot perform surgeries without human assistance” (). While in theory these new robots could potentially be a life-saver in hospitals, the fact that it still requires human assistance does not provide any help for the career. Until the robot is able to safely perform the minimally invasive surgery correctly, and without human assistance, I do not believe the healthcare field has to worry about machines replacing their careers in the near
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