What Is The Social Impact Of The Automobile In The 1920's

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Automobiles in the1920s
Can you imagine a life without a car to get you from place to place? Today we rely so heavily on automobiles that most people use them several times a day. The automobile was not invented in the 1920s but it began to change and start to change the way all Americans lived. The new ideas of Henry Ford and mass production with the assembly line created the opportunity to make lots of automobiles and also to make them affordable for almost everyone. The automobile industry opened the door for lots of other business opportunities like service stations and motels. Having an automobile allowed families to travel more and travel further. During the 1920s the automobile had a significant economic impact, went through several innovations, and also had an important social impact on the people that lived during this time.
During the1920s the automobile began to rapidly gain popularity and this started to drastically change the economy as business popped up around major roadways. Service stations sprang, up along with hotels, and travel centers as more people were able to travel. As more and more people owned automobiles they began to break down so service stations were created to serve those people. Also as people traveled farther they needed a place to stay or take a break. Roads needed funding and rules needed to be created to control and direct drivers.
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The automobile went through several innovations and competition among automakers increased as automobiles became affordable for nearly everyone. People to started to travel more often and further which caused the rise of tourist attractions and the growth of the tourism industry. The 1920s would not be the same if the automobile had not been invented and mass production improved to bring the automobile to the homes of millions of
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