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Automotive Service Repair Technician The career I chose for this particular research paper, that really does not have any paper involved, is a career as an Automotive Service Technician. The reason behind my fabulous choice is that I will be able to help my friends and family with their automotive problems. I feel that this career best suits me because my family is full of some type of mechanic, in one way or another. It also allows me to contribute to, not only my family , but also to the community. One of the biggest advantages is that I will have the knowledge and the ability to fix my own vehicles, thus saving me from financial troubles due to so called “car troubles.” Financial stability, and family bonding, are the main aspects that…show more content…
In order to accelerate in their profession (While not failing at it), a good mechanic requires a great deal of training. In order to receive training at a reduced cost (Without accidentally setting fire to a Orphanage), one should take advantage of as many free educational opportunities as possible. High school automotive or shop classes are excellent opportunities. Mathematics, English, electronic, and computer science classes are several other ways to further your career during your high school education. Education varies from a high school diploma, to a four year degree. Generally, employers prefer candidates that have completed some type of formal training program, geared specifically towards auto mechanics. (Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance, 2011, pp. 336-342) The most common example of this educational pursuit would be the ASE ("Automotive Service Excellence - ASE"), which is a non-profit organization, that works to improve the quality of the vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professions. This organization has been operating since 1972. The nearest ASE Test Center is…show more content…
Normally, you work inside a garage with bright lighting under the hood. Other times, you’re either crawling under a vehicle or working outside in the elements, which ever makes the job easy and quick (and fun). Some of the potential health and safety issues include coming in contact with chemicals, possibility of inhaling smoke or dust. Physical injuries from falling items, cutting yourself with sharp objects or equipment, slip and falls, or even harming limbs when working on repairs such as “busting” your knuckles (I do not advise Punching a Car, it 's kinda painful). The salary ranges of the automotive service technician varies depending on the technician 's level of experience, the type of shop the technician works in, and the geographic location. The median annual salaries automobile service technicians is $36,610 ($17.60 an hour), and the maximum salary, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, is $60,070 ($28.88 an hour). (Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance, 2011, pp. 336-342) One of the benefits of working in this career is having health insurance, dental health, and a 401K (Retirement

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