Autonomous Robots Research Paper

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A Critical Review of the Challenges, Threats, and Drawbacks of Humanoid and Autonomous Robots.

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Humanoid and autonomous robots are well known globally not just for their intelligence, but also because they are highly automated and advanced. From the time of their first invention and usage till date, Man has been at the receiving end of their limitations, faults and/or destructiveness. They have caused greater harm than good in some senses, and hence, a rising agitation of their ban. This paper seeks to explore the challenges, risks, problems and drawbacks of the existence and usage of these robots in all aspects of human livelihood;
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It is considered as one of the earliest studies of flight [31]. However, the word robot was first coined in 1920 by the Czech novelist named Karel Capek in one of his play titled Rassum’s Universal Robots (RUR) [1]. Literally, the word robot was derived from ‘robota’ which means ‘worker, servant or helper’ [1]. Perhaps traces of history have proved that 16th century was the era when technology and the ability to craft a sophisticated and advanced machine paved way [24]. Europe and Japan were at forefront in construction of automated dolls. The first invented machines were not actually invented for application in production of goods or to replace human laborers, they were rather invented as a means of entertainment on stage for spectators. Later in 1495, Leonardo DaVinci designed his first mechanical device that looks like an armored knight which was named Leonardo’s robot. The logic behind this invention was to imitate a knight as the robot moves [24]. More so, between 1977 to date the invention of Robots have taken a new face, more sophisticated warfare robots were being designed for various purposes. George Lucas’s release of Star Wars movie about a universe governed by the force introduces audiences to R2-D2 and C-3PO. The movie is said to have…show more content…
From the past few decades, the world had experienced man’s greatest invention which we identify today as ‘The Robots’. This invention brings with it the urge for scientists and engineers to see it as a way of solving industrial problems especially in manufacturing industries. Majority of car-producing companies such as Honda, Mercedes, Volkswagen and others had already applied robots in their manufacturing sites. Although, robots are designed for various reasons and applications, and for various functions and environments. Scientists have categorically classified robots into several classes, but each class is categorized based on its function and application. We shall discuss the types of Robots in the subsequent paragraphs. Perhaps for the purpose of this paper we have chosen to elaborate on two types of robots known as Humanoid robots and Autonomous

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