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POTENTIAL AND PROFITABILITY Right now the autonomous self-driving vehicle is still under development and is not ready for commercial use. However, Singapore has recently launched a fleet of 6 self-driving taxis together with nuTonomy as a test phrase by picking up selected members of the public operating within a 2.5 square mile business and residential area (Liang & Durbin, 2016). There are approximately 28,000 taxis on Singapore road and 600,000 cars on the road in 2015 (Land Transport Authority, 2015). Using Singapore as an example of its potential for self-driving vehicle, cost of car ownership in Singapore is the highest in the world, at a minimum premium of 250% versus the same brand and model in U.S. This is due to a one time registration…show more content…
This product and service will be a game changer. Although millions of drivers across the world may be affected by this change, but this change is inevitable. We must embrace the change and seek for continuous improvement to maintain competitiveness. CONCLUDING REMARKS The benefits of autonomous self-driving vehicle exceeded the negativity. From the convenience of commuters, to environmental friendly with reduction in carbon emission for electric cars, the most and significant benefit in autonomous self-driving vehicle is making the world a better and safer place. Worldwide death toll of over 1.25 million each year is caused by traffic accident stated by World Health Organization (2015). Google (n.d) also said 94% of accident in U.S. involved in human error caused by delayed reaction time, tailgating, rubbernecking, aggressive driving and other forms of distraction. Finally, the implementation of autonomous self-driving vehicle could potentially minimize the 10 million vehicle accidents annually in U.S. (Miller 2014). REFERENCES Antsaklis, Panos J.; Passino, Kevin M.; Wang, S.J. (1991). An introduction to Autonomous Control Systems. IEEE Control System, page

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