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The Giver Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. To bring about a change in us we need an opportunity to do so. In the Giver’s community people cannot feel or express their emotions, they cannot make their own choices nor decide their career path. They have accepted “sameness” as a way of life to eradicate everything emotional from their lives. In this community there is no color, memory and climate this is all in effort to preserve structure, order, and equality. People are merely ‘puppets’ in the hands of their elders. Thus, they are not capable of bringing any change in themselves or the world around them. Research has identified autonomy as one of the most important factor, which make us happy at work.…show more content…
Choices may cause pain through out your life but they can also cause great happiness. In the Giver’s society, jobs are chosen for you. Your spouse is chosen for you. Your children are chosen for you. Even when you die is chosen for you. You might think that if you just tell people the right or best way to do something they would be glad to have the choice made for them. This is how it is in the colony, but we don’t necessarily want to do things the easy way. Why should we choose the way that is complicated? It’s because can have control, control of our lives, control of the most simple things like deciding what you have for breakfast. Lets imagine that you have to wake up every single morning and eat the same breakfast every day. Now imagine if you are given a choice between scrambled eggs and cereal. Which of these scenarios do you like best? I like the option where I have a choice, even if I make the wrong one. Maybe it will teach me a lesson for the future. President Thomas S. Monson, a religious leader said, “Each of us has the responsibility to choose. You may ask, ‘Are decisions really that important?’ I say to you, choices determine destiny. You can’t make eternal decisions without eternal consequences.” These decisions impact our life. Therefore it is important for us to make our own choices rather than allow someone else make them for
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