Difference Between Autonomy And Beneficence

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Autonomy vs. Beneficence: The Tough Choice.

Essential changes have occurred in medical ethics in comparison to the ancient medical beliefs that predominated the decisions taken by health care professionals. The antecedent theories of medical ethics have led to altered physician-patient relationship in the modern world. These changes notably include emphasis on the principle of patient autonomy. The paradigm shift from beneficence to autonomy has created an ethical dilemma in the field of medicine. [1] Autonomy is the act that is governed by the patient without control or interference from medical personnel or others [2]. According to this
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[5] In the field of medicine, the act which is carried out for the benefit of the patient by the clinician is called beneficence. Health care has adopted this principle in medical situations where decisions are made solely in favor of patient benefit and emergency situations. [2] To fulfill the act of beneficence, professionals should also respect altruism and humanity in order to benefit the patient. [5] HCPs are committed in helping patients and hence the goal should always be benefitting the patient and cause no harm in this very process. HCPs are obliged to provide best medical care to the patient under the principle of beneficence. Along with beneficence, one has to follow the principle of Non-Maleficence which means causing no harm to the patient. [3] HCPs not only have to deal with the physical health of patients and benefit them but also consider their psychological and moral needs.…show more content…
Which further allows the individual to make an appropriate decision in their own interest even if not the best interest. For example, PTs consider a certain intervention to be more beneficial to the patient and the patient is not willing to undergo the treatment; in such circumstances it is the duty of the therapist to explain the need of the intervention and also provide the patient with other treatment options available and leave the decision for the patient to make depending on what suits him/her the best.
Autonomy and beneficence have different ideologies but they need to be in sync for the healthcare provider to strike a balance between both and obtain optimum health care for the patient. Even with such an ethical dilemma it is the duty of the health care worker to provide appropriate information to the patient and to convince the individual to make the best choice without affecting the autonomy of the patient. [2,
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