Autopsy In The Angel Of Death By Alane Ferguson

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“Absence and death are the same- only in that in death there is no suffering,” (Franklin D. Roosevelt). The Angel of Death by Alane Ferguson follows a girl named Cameryn, the daughter of the coroner and his assistant. The body of her english teacher, Brad Oakes, was found dead in his own room, burned, but at the same time was not burned. When trying to solve the case she gets close to Kyle O’Neil, the boy who finds the body. As their relationship gets close, Cameryn loses her focus on what’s important. The book use an autopsy, and how the evidence is used to figure who the suspect is.

The autopsy in the book helps figure out the death of Brad Oakes. Since his body was found in a classic pugilistic stance and his eyes exploded, they weren’t for sure how he died. “... when a person dies in a fire they their limbs up just …show more content…

They brought him to do an autopsy to see how exactly he died. They begin the autopsy with a “Y” incision. Once they cut him open, they realized the inside of him was cooked alive. The flesh was discolored.“It was dark brown at the top of the “Y” incision, less so at the the groin,” (94). The fat was also discolored. “Instead of bright yellow, it had turned a sickly gray-brown,” (94). Dr Moore discovered that the ribs were dry, as well. They took out the heart and it felt harder than normal despite the fact that the victim had no heart disease. They slice the heart to discover that it has been cooked alive. They weigh the heart. “Three hundred and sixty grams... normal weight,” (100). Next organ they work on is the lung. Dr. Moore gindes no evidence of smoke inhalation. The upper portion of the lung also seems to be cooked. “There is a variegation in the color, too. Brown at the top, more red at the bottom,” (101).

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