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The goal of dentistry is to replace missing teeth to restore masticatory function and aesthetics. Treatment of such situation is either removable prostheses or a fixed bridge framework, which not only cause discomfort to the patient but also involves the preparation of one or more healthy teeth.1
Autotransplantation involves the transfer of tooth from one portion of alveolus to another site in the same individual. This site may be either an extraction site or a fresh surgically prepared alveolar segment.2 A tooth germ with early Hertwig’s epithelial root sheath (HERS) formation can be successfully transplanted if it is well placed in the bony socket and wrapped with soft tissue.3
A successful outcome of a transplanted tooth provides improved
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The first studies reporting on successful transplants of autologous teeth were published in the 1950s.5
Autotransplantation can be defined as the transplantation of teeth from one site to another in the same individual into extraction sites or surgically prepared sockets.7
It is essential to establish a criteria for evaluating the success or failure of autotransplantation . A key factor for successful outcome is to maintain the viability of periodontal ligament cells of the tooth to be transplanted as these cells are very sensitive to osmotic changes. Hence, if extraoral dry time is prolonged their viability may be reduced .8
In 1950s the success rate of autogenous tooth transplantation was approximately 50% because of the difficulty in predicting development of the root after transplantation and increased rate of dental root resorption.9 The incidence of dental root resorption after transplantation has declined over time and the success rate has increased rapidly, drawing a rise in clinical interest towards this procedure .10 Tsukiboshi reported a 90% survival rate and an 82% success rate in 250 cases observed for 6

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