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Ava the Elephant Update – See What Happened After Shark Tank Ava the Elephant Before Shark Tank Ava the Elephant, originally called Emmy the Elephant, is a medicine dispenser that eliminates the scare many young children get when taking oral medicine. It was founded by Tiffany Krumins when one of the children she was watching would refuse to take medicine. With a background in medicine, Tiffany knew that many parents faced similar issues and that children weren’t afraid of the medicine, but rather the process. Tiffany set out to solve this issue and was able to create a prototype of Emma the Elephant with some basic supplies from the store such as sponges and fabric. Having no background in product development, however, Tiffany faced many challenges that early entrepreneurs do such as how early a patent was needed or how to get into retailers. She applied to be on Shark Tank hoping to get help on the business side and was invited for the very first episode! Ava the Elephant on Shark Tank…show more content…
Tiffany described how she came up with the idea and demonstrated how to use it. After passing out prototypes, Kevin O’Leary quickly stated his concern of how the child might realize Ava the Elephant gives ill tasting medicine and it would no longer work. Tiffany defend her idea by explaining how children are not afraid of ill tasting medicine, but rather the process and that Ava the Elephant congratulates the child after they take it which brings a smile to the child’s face. Tiffany then mentioned how she did not have a patent, but that is what she was seeking the money for along with a working prototype and that no one had patented something

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