The Global Distribution System (GDS)

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Global Distribution System (GDS)
Global Distribution System (GDS) is a large computer network that passes the hotel’s inventory and rates to travel agents and travel sites. The Global Distribution System gives access to all the travel agents that the GDS is connected with. Those travel agents then sell the hotel’s rooms to their customers (corporates and leisure travelers), and any bookings requested are made automatically by the travel agent. GDS does not maintain inventory and rates for long periods, it passes it through to the end user from the hotel. The hotel will simply load the rates on the system. Whenever there queries, the GDS simply passes the information to the end-user. The leaders of GDS in the world are Amadeus,
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The company has offices in 10 different regions around the world such as Budapest, Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon, Prague, Paris, London, Bratislava, Montreal, and Dublin. The software provided is an engine that helps organizations to sell accommodation on their web pages and converts internet users into indirect customers. The organizations are very important as it becomes the most profitable sales channel because of the booking engine, this will turn their website into the most comprehensive shopping window. The software is adaptable to the customer's online environment such as the tablet, laptop, mobile and more. It is available to be used in 20 different languages. Availpro compliments products and services of the organization and this will allow hoteliers to Fastbooking. In 2016 more than 3.5 billion was generated in room booking revenue which contributed to the growth of the global travel system. Today Availpro helps more than 4,000 organizations around the world increasing their direct…show more content…
This saves time and help to boost sales. Availpro compares and examines the competitor’s rates and ensure that the hotel’s room rates are not exceeding the competitor’s rates. Guests are able to give suggestions, complaints or even positive reviews. The information gathered can be used to satisfy the needs of guest and enhance the experience of potential customers to come. The hotel is able to keep track of every activity that takes place on the interface, thus using it to manage the online reputation of the hotel. It shows the availability of rooms and allows agents to make bookings. As the booking is made, the vendor website sends it to Availpro and updates the availability of the hotel on all sites. This reduces overbookings. Availpro can manage over 150 distribution websites from a single

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