Avatar Aboriginal Culture

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Relations between the Indigenous People of Canada and first settlers have been a tumultuous and often dark chapter of Canada’s geography. The movie Avatar is a fair comparison to the Indigenous people and first settlers of Canada because of the greed for resources, attempts at assimilation and shared Aboriginal culture. The first settlers of Canada were notorious for their greed of resources, much that belonged to the Indigenous people. In order to access the economic base, the Europeans pushed out the Indigenous from their homes into reserves. As well, mankind attempted to push out the Na’vi to access the land and precious minerals in the movie Avatar. The insensible treatment of the Na’vi by humans likens that of the unethical conduct of the Europeans to the Aboriginals in the ambitious pursuit for wealth. Another source of comparison can be drawn from the attempts of…show more content…
However, both of these attempts failed miserably as they failed to recognize that success requires respect, not assimilation and destruction of culture. Amidst all of the opposing claims, the Europeans and humans were convinced that assimilation was the best course of action for the Indigenous and Na’vi even when it led to their destruction. Lastly, Avatar compared the relations between Aboriginals and the first settlers through the similarities of Indigenous culture. The Aboriginal peoples of Canada had a deep spiritual relationship with nature believing that the land would always provide. The Na’vi also maintained an important relationship with nature believing in continuous energy and life. Through their shared spiritual relationship with nature, both Indigenous populations have similar customs and beliefs which indicate their joint connections . Therefore, Avatar is a fair comparison of the Indigenous population and first settlers because of the lust for resources, attempts of assimilation and shared
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