Avatar And The Gluttony Of Technology Summary

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In the essay “Avatar and the Gluttony of Technology” Ari Kelman emphases through the use of almost a comical praise to the enormously popular and high grossing box office movie, Avatar, with a extraordinary fondness toward the technological plots that the producers of the movie put in place. It is a very familiar setting to critics of the technological exploitations of the movie to deliver their storyline along with the behavior of the movies characters. Ari goes forth to state his discomfort with the subtle use of technology in the film. His argument reflects that as long as the producers of the movie rely on technology to deliver the various components of their film, as in the case of Avatar, then there is no need for the audiences to act marveled by the technology. If computers do or create all aspects of a movie, such as the characters themselves, including channeling human emotions and communications of those individual characters, we may as well manipulate everything with the same computers and have limitless creativity. In the future, we would no longer need to act surprised or even appreciate any one movie, which uses that much technology (Kelman).…show more content…
In any case, the film paves the way for other innovative movie producers to manipulate the technological input in their films and may surpass the levels attained by Avatar and other technology-ridden films like Star Wars. The acclamation to produce solely a film via technology and animations opens the field of technological competition by the various film producers to impress movie lovers as much as possible. Nonetheless, the failures in the movie Avatar from the sole dependency on technological input should be a learning lesson for the future production of films that base their plot, characters, and story on technology and computer

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