Avatar And The Marathon Des Sabless Analysis

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Part 2: Postcolonial thought through movie and event: Avatar and the Marathon des Sables What did we see in the Avatar? Generally, we might answer that the victory of Sally for helping Na’vi. Next, how did we feel when we watched it? Of course, congratulations. And, how about the most extremely marathon like the Marathon des Sables? We also say that oh! It is really amazing that we can conquer the extremely dangerous nature. That is all what we obviously see because it is the main objective that the western shows us. Both Avatar and the Marathon des Sables, the First World uses the legal practice ‘Terra Nullius’ to move into other vacant lands, that are what their own claim. Na’vi is the aborigine that live in Pandora. Moroccan is the inhabitants in the Saharan desert. But, the western ignores both of them and pretends that those are the new land they found. There two situation created the native people as others through exotic figure. Sally has to Change his white skin to blue skin for becoming Na’vi body. He has to learn Na’vi language that needed to translate into English for helping the audience understand. In the same time, they present Na’vi as a violent tribe because Na’vi live without the western’s aid. In the Marathon des Sables, because of the heat and diverse topography, the Saharan desert is seen to be the place for beating, not the place for living. So, it is easy to ignore the existence of the local bodies, and to bring the modernized technologies into

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