Compare And Contrast Kotter And Kuvira

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Howie Day once said, “Even the best fall down sometimes.” Korra and Kuvira are no exception to this. Despite both being highly renowned in the Avatar Universe as the strongest and most experienced benders of their time, they once reached the lowest point in their lives. Avatar Korra is the only one who can bend all four elements – water, earth, fire, and air. Having that unique array of abilities, the world looks up to her as their protector. Throughout her young life, she dealt with a variety of nemeses – communistic nonbenders, theocratic spirit bender, and many more, but the one who caused her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and paralyzed limbs was the anarchist who poisoned her body with mercury and bent the air out of her lungs. On a similar note, Kuvira is a militaristic woman who united the collapsed Earth Kingdom and turned it into an empire. With strong will and power, she inspired extreme nationalism among the citizens and imposed a fascist government. What the citizens did not know, though, was that Kuvira was abandoned by her own parents to die in the desert, and she developed a deep sense of helplessness for that. Although they both felt extremely vulnerable…show more content…
While this may all come from a cartoon, there are some real life applications that you can gather from them. First, you might think that isolating ourselves from the people who care for you is a good choice for reflecting and solving problems. While that may be effective, you should also consider their help as they want nothing else but your wellness. Second, you must face the cause of your vulnerability, not bury it deep within the past. Lastly, you should be determined in what you do, but do not disregard compassion. Life will try its hardest to break you down, but in those times, you must get back up and put up a fight. That is called
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