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Sample Analysis Essay (2) Avatar Film Analysis “Avatar” (2009) is a science fiction film directed by the famed award winning director James Cameron. Its story follows a crippled space marine who ends up recruited by a corporation for their Avatar program on the planet Pandora. The Avatar program revolves around uploading human minds into bioengineered alien bodies and the purpose for this is to create beings that the native sentient race on Pandora, the Na’vi, can relate to, in order facilitate their pacification and the exploitation of their planet. Ultimately, the marine mind gets uploaded into an avatar host body and he gets adopted by the Na’vi. They teach him their ways and culture and that makes him develop a connection to them. Eventually, the corporation gets pressed for by time to make profits to justify the resources spent on Pandora and it pushes its hired mercenary forces into conflict with the Na’vi. The marine and other humans who share his connection with the Na’vi join the Na’vi in their fight against the corporate mercenaries. After a bloody battle,…show more content…
It pervades throughout the works of art, sometimes it’s apparent and other times it’s applied with subtly. There can be more than one theme in a work of art especially in works of art that try to convey conflict. Usually, these themes coalesce into one larger theme that is the primary theme of the work art, or if you will, its main idea. The film “Avatar” follows suit with other works of art by presenting two conflicting themes that in the end merge together to form the main idea of the film and the message the director wanted to push forth with the movie. Unfortunately, the way the themes were conveyed in the film was done not to make a story with depth but tell a simplistic story with a manipulative message, a black and white story about aboriginal cultures verses western civilization that is masked by the sci-fi setting of the
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