The Negative Impact Of 3D Movies

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Effect for Audience

After the successful of Avatar, many film companies have launched their own 3D movies, more 3D games, 3D TV and other related products have come out. The revolution brought by 3D technology is not only changed the traditional animated film production technology, changed the mode of transmission of the film, more changes and subvert the traditional concept of the movie, the film has continued for a century ecological environment had a huge impact. From the other side, 3D film still has it’s limits, the 3D movie has poor screen brightness. The issues about dizziness and eye irritation during the process keep the distance from 3D movie. This situation affects consumer ’s enthusiasm for purchasing other 3D product; For
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Today, digital simulation, 3D, virtual actors and other technology to make the film has undergone enormous changes, but returned to the film itself, a good story is fundamental for a film, and the story of those scientific principles involved in the story more or less will have an impact. At least for those audience who love ‘finding fault’.

With the cover of rigorous reasoning and science fact,there are still some unreasonable plot. In the movie Jurassic Park (1993), the scientist using the DNA to recover the original ancient creatures. It seems possible, but the DNA also has a ‘self life’. Up to a few hundred million years, the DNA are unreadable. There still a lot unreasonable plot ind other Sci-fi blockbuster. In the movie Armageddon(1998), the screen that huge asteroid colliding with Earth had been select by NASA Management training course for the subject ‘168 error to find in the
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In these film, 3D film give audience the visual impact. The job that 3D technology for film is the icing on the cake. A good 3D film can provides unparalleled visual effects, powerful sense of space. However, no matter when the content is the most important for a film, and 3D is not suitable for all types of movies. 3D requires specific shooting content, not all stories are suitable for use the 3D technology. Therefore, 3D might be difficult to be the basic mean of feature films, but it is likely to become the basic means for documentary, especially the natural scenery
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