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Begin by comparing the Pandoran biosphere with that of Earth’s.
Pandora is a fictional terrestrial planet with many qualities similar to Earth’s biosphere. Both planets have a variety of species living in coexistence, using the natural resources to thrive in their habitat. By comparing the animals and vegetation of both planets, both have anatomical similarities, but on Pandora the species have slight adaptations to live in their environment. Animals on Pandora have a form of gills giving the ability to breathe in the planet’s air source, and they have different bone structures than animals on Earth while still bearing a close resemblance to many of our animals. Take the Na 'vi people for example, who are humanoid characters slightly larger
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I think that the scientists in the role they play in avatar, to a certain extent, does create a fairly accurate portrayal of science in a new setting such as Pandora. In the movie Avatar, the scientists such as Grace and Jake (respectively) originally are on Pandora to get to know the Na 'vi people in attempt to be allowed to study their culture and ways. They already had a fair amount of knowledge on the tribes and their ways, but they were striving for first had interaction. As the movie progressed their mission became for than just learning about the Na 'vi people, later joining their forces in the avatar bodies to protect the tribe’s sacred lands and home from the soldiers trying to clear the land to mine unobtainium. This aspect of the scientists becoming invested in their work and striving to gain more knowledge through research and time in the field is an accurate portrayal of scientists and their work. Then based on their data they can make conclusions in order to stand up for their findings, just as they did in the movie when Jake and Grace joined with the Na 'vi to stop the soldiers. We are making similar efforts on Earth, like scientists using their data on global climate change to create committees and advocate for protecting our environment. The scientists and their role in the film mitigates the situation because it gives the viewers another aspect of the film to view and shows that the humans have other intentions besides destroying the planet. On…show more content…
Before the humans’ impact on Pandora, the Na 'vi people lived in harmony with the other organisms and the planet, using its resources but at the same time giving back to the planet. As the humans entered the picture and their impacts on the planet increased, there were some prevalent similarities to our planet that began to rise and take shape. First of all, the lack of respect the humans had for Pandora seems to be similar to that of our world, meaning they came to the planet and took what they wanted no matter what they destroyed or how they accomplished these goals. The director of the mining operation, Parker, says in the movie, “Oh, you know what? You throw a stick in the air around here it 's gonna land on some sacred fern, for Christ Sake!”, talking about how they Na 'vi people respect their land and the notion that their protection of their lands is preventing him from harvesting the unobtainium. Both on Pandora and Earth, the majority of the humans are not concerned with the consequences of their actions on the land and other species, but instead they are focused on their own personal and financial gain. Another brief similarity I saw between the situations on Earth and Pandora is the deforestation of vegetation for the harvesting of resources. On Earth,

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