Case Study: Avaya Inc.

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What is Avaya?

Avaya Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California that provides multi-channel business communication solutions for customer and team engagement. Avaya currently services more than 95% of the Fortune 500 organizations at over 1 million customer locations worldwide with operations divided globally in 5 regions: Asia Pacific; Caribbean, Latin America; Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA); and the United States and Canada.
Avaya provides solutions under four major wings: Unified communication and collaboration, Customer experience management, cloud and networking.
Many major corporations utilize Avaya communication solutions, some of them are Thanachart Bank, Thailand; Westpac
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Appium is an automated testing environment that supports applications developed in Microsoft Visual studio, Java, PHP, Xcode, JavaScript and python.
2. Calabash
Calabash is a cloud based IOS testing platform and is programmed using Ruby
3. Frank
Frank is cucumber based testing platform
4. Keep it functional
KIF is a native application tester and runs on Objective- C the default programming language of IOS.
Is a HTML5 based cloud solution to test applications using test cases written in JavaScript
6. Monkey Talk
Similar to Appium but supports only JavaScript, Java APIs, HTML, XML.
7. Telerik Studio
Records and play back tests done on physical device, usually used in beta testing of applications.
Similar to Appitize but runs the application on a physical device on the other end.
9. Xamarin Test cloud
Test cloud is an automated testing platform and has the largest collection of devices and OS selections.
10. Keynote + IBM rational workbench
Keynote is a Remote testing platform. The application is uploaded onto a real device on cloud (using it’s device-anywhere cloud platform), and the IBM rational workbench can be used to record the manual test and then play them back on various other devices available on
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b. Hardware requirements
c. Does it involve submitting the application to third party
The list was narrowed down to three solutions, them being, Xcode, Keynote + IBM workbench, and iFunbox.
Xcode is considered as final solution for two reasons. The IOS applications developed by Avaya are usually using Xcode and Xcode has a huge repository for testing and simulation of applications. Tests can be done on memory leaks, energy requirements and random on screen taps to find when the application fails (also called butt typing)

What is Xcode?
X code is an IOS software development kit by Apple. The default programming language for applications is Objective C. Xcode has its own application testing feature inbuilt inside called ’instruments’.
Through instruments, the application can be simulated onto the required iOS device and the manual testing on the simulator can be recorded into a JavaScript test case. Each test case can contain one task related test and many such test cases can then be imported to make a universal test suite.

What is a simulator?
A simulator is a program enabling a computer to execute programs written for a different operating
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