Avec Plaisir Jewel Case Study

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Avec Plaisir Jewel (APJ) is a fine jewelry company founded in 2009 in the beautiful city of South Miami Florida. Our mission is to provide only the finest jewelry to our customers. Unlike our competitors, APJ goes above and beyond to not only exceed expectations, but to create loyal customers. In 2015, the company went national and overcame any threats that could have prevented its success. Given the rapid success, APJ decided to try the international market in July of 2017. APJ is the end-product of three well-rounded and experienced individuals who partnered up to create something rare, affordable, and trendy. Briefly, APJ is number in providing excellent products and services. As number 1 in rare customized jewelry, APJ and its team vowed…show more content…
First, if the interest rate in its own country is low then investing outside is a better option for the company in the long run since it is expected that the MNC will gain a higher interest rate on its funds. A local currency with low market value will make it challenging for the multinational company (MNC) to compete with bigger and more stable companies in the international market. Lastly, it will be beneficial for the MNC to invest funds in a financial market with a competitive currency at the global market that will appreciate over time. 5. Explain why some financial institutions prefer to provide credit in financial markets outside their own country. Many financial institutions want to explore the financial markets outside their country to increase their presence on a much broader market. Also, doing so provides the institutions with better financial security. For example, if their country is experiencing an economic meltdown then the institution would not be greatly affected by such turbulence. Moreover, the financial institutions could earn higher return if dealing with markets that have high interest rates and a steady economy. A secure market provides room for more investment.

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