Avec Plaisir Jewel Case Study

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Avec Plaisir Jewel (APJ) is a fine jewelry company founded in 2009 in the beautiful city of South Miami Florida. Our mission is to provide only the finest jewelry to our customers. Unlike our competitors, APJ goes above and beyond to not only exceed expectations, but to create loyal customers. In 2015, the company went national and overcame any threats that could have prevented its success. Given the rapid success, APJ decided to try the international market in July of 2017. APJ is the end-product of three well-rounded and experienced individuals who partnered up to create something rare, affordable, and trendy. Briefly, APJ is number in providing excellent products and services. As number 1 in rare customized jewelry, APJ and its team vowed to increase earning and extend globally within the next 2 years. Therefore it will be highly profitable for new investors and shareholders to consider investing in APJ. In the business world, every company hopes to join the international market and become multinational to increase earnings. Many businesses usually prefer the European market due to its high level of attractions and tourists. Although it is a…show more content…
The investment policy of the European Union has abolished all trade barriers that were acting as a hindrance for free trade (2016).Furthermore; the European Union has also adopted a common currency which has served as a major fillip towards increasing trade in the European Union (2016).The EU has diverse natural resources that will benefit the investors. As far as trade is concerned, the various economic policies of the EU really make it one of the best trading destinations in the world and it is evident from the fact that the European Union is the largest exporter as well as largest importer in the entire world (2016). Despite these advantages, trade imbalance between nations and political instability make it risky for anyone to invest in the European

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